1.Dungeon is NON PVP Map 
- New players can go and level up there we added plenty of spots. 
(exp is lower than pvp maps) 

2.Added new set Silver Heart 
- Now you can upgrade your Blue Eye items to Silver Heart. 

3.There is new shop - Honor Shop 
- Goblin shop is changed with Honor shop. 
- You can find new PVP equipments in Honor shop. 
- You can't earn Honor Points with grand reset or PVM events. 
- You can earn Honor Points only from PVP events. 

4.We updated 3 events  

- Pvp Championship 
Its automatic event for fight between players.
Time: 15:30 , 19:30 , 03:30 - Npc: Statue in Lorencia. 
Reward : Honor Points. 

- Battle Royale 
All players are moved in PVP zone
Every player will have 65k points to add before the event starts. 
Once event is up spells , items , weapons will drop in the zone. 
You have to get them and fight with other players. 
Time: 10:45 , 16:45 , 22:45 - Npc: Statue in Lorencia.
Reward: Honor Points. 

- Illusion Temple 
The event consists out of two teams.
(randomly generated - max 2 teams of 5 people) 
You have to try to get as many items from the Stone Henge NPC as possible.
Once a player has received the item he will be slowed.
Returning the item to the base camp will get the team 1 point.
Team with the most points will win. 
Time: 01:15 , 07:15 , 13:15 , 19:15 - Npc: Mirage in Elbeland. 
Reward: Honor Points , Jewels. 

- We have few more PVP events. 
Once you make the update you will find new maps in ''M'' 
All of these maps are PVP zones for events. 
For now only the admin can starts them. 
You will earn from all these events Honor Points. 

Posted 22 / 04 / 2021 By admin

Currently this is only one server.