Primary Quest

We added 8 primary quests 
You can open quest window if you press the arrow in the righ side of the game.
When all quest requisites are in green you can get your reward and unlock the next quest.

Secondary Quest 

We added 3 secondary quests 
All 3 quests are different and located in Lorencia , Noria , Devias in same NPC: 

-  Marce

These quests are unlimited you can do as much as you want and get rewarded.

Jewels Exchange 

Now you can exchange for WCoins[C] the following jewels 
- Jewel Of Chaos Bundle (50) 
- Jewel Of Life Bundle (50) 

You can pack jewels with the command:

Example : /pack soul 50 , /pack bless 40 , /pack chaos 30 , /pack life 20 

Once you pack Jewel Of Chaos or Life (50) you can sell it in any NPC for Wcoins[C]. 

Posted 13 / 03 / 2021 By admin

Currently this is only one server.