Hello as we know in our server we have huge fights for spots , players killing others to get the better spot with better drop , they kill you to get spot which has more experience..

Many players are disappointed because their character was killed when they left it during the night to level up.. 

Others players will not leave you to level up because you killed them when they hunted bosses.. 

We found the solution of all this which happend the last few weeks. 

- Now you can get your own spot where nobody can kill you or mess with you! 

- You can chose the spot with your own drop! 

- You can leave your character to level up all night without someone to kill you or disturb you!

- If you are interesting about it you can find more information if you contact us: 


Facebook Page

Staff in the game. 

Posted 25 / 04 / 2021 By admin

Currently this is only one server.