- We are open to migrate 50 single players now.

- If you play different server but you want to migrate here

1.You have to contact us in our facebook page:

Tanzanite MU Online

or Discord: https://discord.com/invite/thxYwZubHs

2.You have to provide screenshots of your character/s from your previous


3.How long you played in your previous server and why you want to


- What is our Migration Package?

1.Dark Angel Set

2.Custom Wings

3.Two Swords or Shield depending of character class.

4.Custom pet 

Note: Migration is depending of what is your character in the previous

server and what gear it has.

- Guild Migration

We are looking to migrate guild with at least 10 members.

1.All members need to provide screenshots of their characters.

2.All members need to contact us in

Tanzanite MU Online

or Discord.

- Guild Package

1.Guild Master - Blue Eye Set + Weeapons and Wings

2.Assist. Guild Master , Battle Masters - Awakening Set + Weapons and


3.Members - Holy Angel Set + Weapons and Wings.

4.All will get one pet each + depending of their character in the previous server.

Posted24 / 04 / 2021

Currently this is only one server.